Intelligence Careers – Seek Internships, Scholarships, and Jobs!

For years I worked within the Intelligence Community and wondered why so few people looked like me. Part of the reason was awareness. African-American Youth are not often informed about the opportunities to work within the Intelligence Community and that needs to change. I’ve asked recruiters to proactively target schools in underserved communities and HBCUs to recruit and hire students of color. There’s many scholarships, internships, fellowships and careers in the Intelligence Community to include HR, Accounting/Budget, Law, Medical, and Cyber/IT. Let’s change the narrative and diversify the Intelligence Community.

For those seeking jobs within the government consider searching:

Here’s a list of Scholarships and Internships from the Intelligence Community:

Feel free to personally contact me if you have questions: Ebony Johnson,

Behind the Rank – Best Seller Release

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Military Veterans Transition with No Stress

Military veterans are you looking to transition soon? Stop just talking about your plans and take action. Do what is necessary to prepare for your pathway to success with no stress.

1. Complete your pre-separation counseling, sign up for TAPS and attend at least 2 years out for retirees and 1 year for separates.

2. Start preparing financially to pay off bills and build your savings.

3. Schedule medical appointments and document any and all medical ailments. Even if it is minor like allergies.

4. Request copies of your medical records at least three months out and start preparing to file your medical disability claim via a Veteran Service Org like VFW.

5. Research the requirements for any desired career. Ensure you can check off the experience, education, certifications, and any special skills needed. If not seek the additional training/skills.

6. Start attending job fairs and network with recruiters. Make sure you have an updated resume. Be sure to get the recruiters business cards and add them via Linked In. Follow up with the recruiter on job opportunities.

7. Create a Linked In profile and start joining groups that match your career interest.

8. If you plan to attend college. It is never too early to start. Sign up and get your degree program started or finish it out.

9. Last but not least….relax. You made your decision and can be confident that your transition will be smooth if you prepare purposefully.


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2017 Stand-Up for Women Vets by Final Salute Inc.

2017 Stand-Up for Women Vets by Final Salute Inc. #StandUp


Sat, May 13, 2017
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

To sign up for this event register here:


Women In Military Service For America Memorial
1 Memorial Avenue
Arlington, VA 22211

Stand-Up for Women Vets provides support for women veterans and military women in career transition.
As a woman veteran in transition, you will need more than a resume to ensure a successful transition into the civilian workforce.
We provide (free of charge):
Professional Business Attire
Dress Shoes
Image Consulting

The purpose of this event is not only to honor the service and sacrifice you have made to this great nation, but to also support our Sisters-in-Arms who are in transition or have transitioned and may need an image boost*.
We realize that some women Veterans, especially single mothers, may find the cost of securing an up-to-date professional wardrobe unattainable.
There will be a drawing for a $500 Macy’s gift card and a light lunch will also be provided.
*Professional services are first come, first serve.