Ten Steps to a Presidential Appointment

Now is the time to seek political appointments! 

✅ President-Elect Joe Biden is seeking to fill positions in his Administration. The theme is – – Restoring American Leadership. 

✅ Are you confused trying to figure out where to get started with landing a Political Appointment?

✅ 10 Tips to land a Political Appointment!

✅ Detailed information about Presidential Transition positions and Political Appointments and how to apply. 

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For information about Presidential Transition positions and to apply visit here: https://buildbackbetter.gov/join-us/

10 Tips to land a Political Appointment!

  1. The Political Appointee Resume should be 4-6 pages. 
  2. Create a strong Summary of Qualifications, including an overview of Government Administration Experience and Political Party Leadership.
  3. Highlight government leadership experience in a separate section, if extensive. You might have sections for Government Leadership Experience, Professional Experience, and Political Party & Committee Leadership.
  4. Be sure to include strong, quantifiable Leadership Accomplishments. 
  5. Ensure that public policy experience and knowledge is included in the resume.
  6. Include Awards, Recognitions, Affiliations, Community and Board Leaderships.
  7. Study the Mission of the targeted agency for keywords and language.
  8. Look up Senior Executive and GS 15 positions in your target agency. Review the descriptions of work, agency summary, and qualifications required for wording.
  9. Write a cover letter to accompany the resume. The letter should state clearly what you would bring to your selected agency and position. Why should they hire you?
  10. For details about Political Appointments to include position titles and salaries visit here: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GPO-PLUMBOOK-2016/pdf/GPO-PLUMBOOK-2016.pdf

Resume Tip: Google search “Political Appointee Resume” for your desired Agency for specific examples. 

Resume examples: https://projects.propublica.org/trump-town/

Resume examples II: https://cdn.muckrock.com/foia_files/2018/06/05/17-F-1024_Doc_1.pdf

Resume examples III: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4353318-HHS-Political-Appointee-Resumes-and-Job-Titles.html

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