Dubai Travel Tips

I visited Dubai with the fabulous Kenna Williams for the #DubaiBlackOut in 2017. Our travel dates were October 26-31, 2017. All of the events started and ended on time (this is important specifically when organizing large groups.) There were 500 in our group, the #Chosen500.

I’ve chronicled for you the itinerary, optional excursions, and tips to make your trip to Dubai a memorable experience.


10/26/17 (Thursday) Hotel Check In/Dinner/Happy Hour

10/27/17 (Friday) Saffron Brunch at Atlantis Hotel Dubai (12:30PM-4:00PM)

10/28/17 (Saturday) Yacht Cruise (4:00PM-8:00PM)

10/29/17 (Sunday) Abu Dhabi Day Trip (9:00AM-9:30PM)

10/30/17 (Monday) Meet and Greet on the hotel rooftop (11:00AM-1:00PM)

10/30/17 Sundowner Desert Safari (Experience the magic of the desert at sundown on a 5-hour safari, and enjoy a dune drive at sunset. Afterwards, go to a traditional Bedouin-style camp for a delicious buffet dinner and live entertainment.)

10/31/17 Departures!!! Go home or travel to popular destinations: (i.e. Egypt and the Maldives.)

Important tips:

Dress is casual. You do not have to cover up or dress in traditional Muslim garb. Just be respectful. ***The only time you have to wear full Muslim garb is while visiting the mosques.***

Transportation: Use UBER, Request hotel shuttle service, use cabs sparingly (MAKE SURE you have internet reception or download google maps and have the directions to desired locations BEFORE you get in the cab.)

FOOD Delivery Service: The Talabat APP allows you to order food 24/7 delivered to your room!!!

Bu Qtair: BEST Fish Restaurant

Ting IRIE (Jamaican Restaurant):

De La Mer Spa-(Ladies book appointments with the spa):

Make your reservations via the website or email for more info and group packages at:

Optional Excursions: (Special Tip – Allow lots of flexibility into your schedule for shopping/and other interests.)


Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building):

High Tea at the Burj Khalifa:

Burj Al Arab (Most luxurious hotel):

Dubai Miracle Garden:

Cost for Excursions:

Safrron Brunch $155

Abu Dhabi Day Tour plus brunch and yacht cruise transportation $40

Abu Dhabi Day Tour (Request shuttle/transportation from your hotel concierge or book tours here):

Must-see attractions in Abu Dhabi:

• Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. The key word about this place is ‘Grand’! (YOU MUST WEAR FULL TRADITIONAL MUSLIM GARB)

• Emirates Palace. The Emirates Palace is a must see stop on your Abu Dhabi day tour from Dubai.

• UAE Heritage Village.

• Desert Safari Experiences in Abu Dhabi. (BEST EXPERIENCE would recommend you wear TRADITIONAL MUSLIM GARB for a photo shoot).

• The Corniche.

• Yas Waterworld.

• Ferrari World.

• Musandam Tour.

Yacht Cruise

Cost: $170

Desert Safari $108 (This is a great EXPERIENCE!!! Wear TRADITIONAL MUSLIM GARB for a Desert Photo Shoot).

Sundowner Dune Desert Safari with Dinner and Show:

Recommended Hotel:

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Rate for entire stay $1250

Special Note: This hotel offered daily breakfast, and easy access to the nearby Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Opera.

This information will hopefully get you on your way to a life changing experience in Dubai. Please comment and tell me what you think or provide additional suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.


Simply Ebony

Does My Abaya Offend You?

Let’s reflect on this. This picture is from the “Glow Photo Series: Philly Edition.” I purchased my Abaya in preparation for the Dubai Blackout trip last year. When I wear my Abaya I feel beautiful. I feel empowered. I feel LOVE.

Wearing my Abaya is a personal tribute to that little black girl lost that finally found herself. At 14-years old when I was raped I had on a similar outfit. It was Forest Green. Loose fitting. Long and flowing. Oftentimes when Rape victims share our stories the first question is: “What did you wear?” It’s classic “victim blaming.” The assumption is if you wear certain clothing (short skirts, tight jeans, revealing clothes, etc.) you are “asking to be raped.” This is FALSE!!! The truth: Rapists Rape. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Time of day. What you look like or any of the many assumptions people come up with to victim blame and shame. Unfortunately people still ask intrusive questions and think this way. If you do it please stop asking these questions it’s extremely offensive and insensitive. 😔😔😔

I’ve periodically posted pictures in my Abayas of various colors. I love the way they flow and enjoy the vibrant colors. Each time I post I get comments or inbox messages saying: Why did you wear that? You look fat in that garb. 😑 Are you Muslim now? 🤔 I’ve even been told I can’t dress and need a fashion consult because of my Abaya. 😫 It’s a shocking what people freely feel the need to say. It’s rude and offensive.

I proudly come from a predominantly Islamic family, it’s a large part of Philadelphia and our history. The Nation of Islam is very prominent in my city. I’m Christian. I’m troubled that it concerns others so much what religion I am or what I wear. Why? Why is it necessary to comment on someone else’s attire? Does my Abaya offend you? Are you uncomfortable that I’m comfortable being fully clothed in my garb? I love who I am and what the Abaya represents: Beauty, Confidence and Love. 💛💛💛