Dating Apps 101

#SlipperySockChronicles Dating Apps 101: Listen, Listen, Listen it’s hard out here to meet the right one. I’ve been on the online relationship circuit for many years. I started out with AOL messenger, then Yahoo Groups. Slowly as technology progressed I transitioned to MySpace, Black Planet and Migente (judge your mother! 😫) Fast forward to the new age and I tried out #BlackPeopleMeet, #EHarmony, #PlentyofFish, #Match, #Tinder, #Bumble, #CoffeeMeetsBagel, #TheLeague, #FaceBook and #OKCupid.

Now I know you’re thinking: Why aren’t you married yet? 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t be so hasty I met my ex-husband live and in person right outside a club called “Dinosaurs” in Laurel, Maryland. He was such a gentleman. He was the designated driver and was waiting to pick up his friend the night we met. I’ve had a few marriage proposals. Nothing like a man mailing a diamond ring from Iraq professing his love while he’s fighting a war. I met him in Hawaii through a mutual friend. It’s okay to switch it up and meet who you want to date using multiple avenues.

I’ve had great success online dating. I’m never without a date (when I choose to date). You have to be selective. No, don’t respond to every message if you don’t want to engage. Here’s my philosophy: You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. Try it. Take a chance on love. Keep an open mind and an open heart. What’s the worst that could happen? Why not reflect on the best possibilities? You could meet the love of your life. Do something different. ❤️❤️❤️


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