R. Kelly streamed a 19-minute song on Instagram Stories called “I Admit.” Perfect example of gaslighting = No accountability. He addressed being sexually abused as a child, the sexual abuse allegations against him, settlements, & Spotify. #MuteRKelly https://genius.com/R-kelly-i-admit-lyrics

How to Prepare for the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival

To those looking for a soulful travel experience to Aruba: The Soul Beach Music Festival (SBMF) during Memorial Day week is a great time. The One Big Happy Island is beautiful and very welcoming. I highly recommend exploring beyond the parties and concerts. This is all the information you will need to create a memorable experience. *I am not affiliated with the Soul Beach Music Festival.*

The 2018 Soul Beach Music Festival has a great lineup of Alicia Keys, Maxwell, the Roots, Guy, Marlon Wayans, and many others. DJ Jazzy Jeff will be in Aruba with guests! The Comedy Show and Concerts are scheduled for Friday-Sunday, May 25-27, 2018. There is an official Aruba Welcome Celebration on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. The Day Parties are held at Moomba Beach (Palm Beach) from Thursday-Saturday, May 24-26, 2018, and on Baby Beach (San Nicolas) on Sunday, May 27, 2018. The Soul Beach All White Party will be held on Thursday, May 24, 2018. Night Parties are held daily and there’s a Memorial Day “Cool Down” BBQ on Monday, May 28, 2018.

For the concert lineup, schedule of events, and tickets to the official Soul Beach Music Festival events visit here: SBMF18

The #MingleFlag Over Aruba events are a great option for fun! There’s multiple events planned to include: The Old School Welcome Party, Chucks and Tee’s Cruise, Toga All-White Cruise, Polo’s and Stiletto’s Party featuring The Vybe Band and the Wakanda on the Sea All Black Snorkel Jam. For tickets and more information about the #MingleFlag events please visit here:

#MingleFlag Over Aruba

Aruba Hotel and Beach Map Locations: http://www.aruba-travelguide.com/accommodations/hotels-resorts/map.html

Many SBMF attendees stay at the Holiday Inn or surrounding hotels near Moomba Beach (Palm Beach) where the daily Day Party is held. Attendees also choose to stay in the local Villas. See below. If you do reserve a Villa you have the option of renting a solo room or inviting a group of friends to join and rent the whole house.

Private Home/Villa/Condo/Townhome Rental Companies (book your accommodations early!):

Home Away


Air BnB

Aruba Happy Rentals

Tierra Del Sol

Merlot Villas Aruba

Visit Aruba Accomodations

Aruba Hotels

Here is other important information that you will need to plan your trip!

Aruba Airport Info and Schedule of Arrivals and Departures: Aruba Airport Info

Shuttle Transportation from the Airport:

Sun Transfers

Car Rentals: Aruba Car Rentals

Suggested Airline Flight Searches:

Google Flights: Set Google Flight alerts for your desired travel dates to get the best prices!

Google Flights

Southwest (Check for the Aruba flights using your desktop browser.):


JustFly.com is a great app to help you book cheap flights and compare travel dates: JustFly.com

Hopper is the perfect app to help you compare flights and tells you when is the best time to book your flights: Hopper

Need a Passport? Visit here: www.travel.state.gov

*Allow yourself at least 90 days to obtain your passport. Verify that your passport is current. There is an option to expedite your passport if you are traveling at the last minute but it is costly. It is highly suggested that you copy your passport and travel documents and give to someone you trust.*

To apply for your Global Entry and skip the long airport security screening and customs lines!:

Global Entry

What to Pack for Aruba: Aruba Packing List

Cell Phone Service. Make sure you verify your coverage with your provider prior to traveling. Here’s a great guide about cell phone coverage: Cell Phone Coverage in Aruba

Where to Dine in Aruba: Aruba Restaurants

Where to Shop in Aruba: Shopping in Aruba

Aruba Beaches: 10 Best Beaches in Aruba

Nightlife Spots:

Aruba’s Best Bars:10 Best Bars in Aruba

Aruba Bars and Lounges: Aruba Bars and Lounges

Where to Party in Aruba: Aruba Night Life

Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus: Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

Excursions and Tour Guides:

DePalm Tours

Jolly Pirates

Bike Rentals:

Aruba Bike Rentals

Bus Schedules: Aruba Bus Schedule

ATV Tours and Rentals: ATV Tours and Rentals

I hope this information helps you! I am not affiliated with the Soul Beach Music Festival, any Travel Agencies or Event Companies. If you have any additional tips that you think should be included please let me know. Enjoy your vacation to the One Big Happy Island!


Simply Ebony

Beyonce and Jay Z – OTRII

#OTRII presale tickets are set to be released this morning at 9am. Tidal users log on to your app & get ready!!! #BeyHive you should have received your OTRII presale codes via email. If not download the Tidal App to get advanced presale tickets. #BeyHive #Beyonce #JayZ

Black Panther #WakandaForever

The Black Panther movie premiered this weekend and took the world by storm! This film was an opportunity for the black community to unite in pride. It allows little black boys and black girls to see heroes depicted on screen that look just like them. Director Ryan Coogler broke down barriers with Black Panther earning $242 million the opening weekend! The #WakandaForever movement is so powerful it surpassed “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” for the second-highest four-day domestic opening of all time.

What did you think of the film? Please share your pictures and thoughts.

The #NMAAHC #UndergroundWGN Season 2 Screening

Tonight I was humbled to attend the season two screening for the #UndergroundWGN at the #NMAAHC as a #NMAAHCAmbassador. The cast of the #UndergroundWGN #johnlegend #jurneesmollett #anthonyhemmingway #aishahinds #mishagreen #aldishodge #alanomiller #amirahvann moderated by #rexellis all served on the panel for a discussion on race relations. Each character is truly walking in their purpose to share our story of slavery, domestic violence, racism, racial injustices, and the psychological damage suffered by black men and women. #SimplyEbony

Chris Brown Brags About Stalking

This is extremely disturbing. Chris Brown aka. Breezy posted a video on Instagram and told women everywhere, “Ladies, y’all be complaining about n***** being, like, stalkers and in love with y’all, kinda crazy and s*** and you get tired of it. Well, guess what? I’m one of them n*****! If I love you, b****, ain’t nobody gonna have you. I’m gonna make you miserable. I’m going to chase that n**** out and I’m gonna chase yo ass around, and it’s done.” To watch the original video that Chris Brown posted click here: https://mobile.twitter.com/twerkinonbreezy/status/826568874548133890?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Listen as a woman that has had a man go crazy and stalk me this video is disturbing. There’s nothing cool about being afraid to go to work or home. He’s a proud abuser and stalker. Ladies/Fellas have you ever had a man/woman stalk you? What did you do? How did it make you feel? Have you ever admittedly stalked someone?

Beyoncé Pregnant with Twins

Queen Beyoncé just came through and shut the internet down! Bey said I already presented you with Blue now I’m coming with twins! What will the names be: Pink Rose and Purple Lilac? I’m sitting here about to eat this Caramel Cookie ice cream reevaluating my love life. I need to go on and scope out my Jigga aka. Jay-Z and set the world on fire.

What is it about Beyoncé that keeps us all talking? Good or bad every social media platform is blowing up with memes and updated statuses. Thank goodness she lightened the mood on our timelines a bit. Sure it’s heavy dealing with all this political turmoil. The reality is it’s okay to step back and focus on positive things in our lives. Remember to love freely, laugh often, and live. Self care is important.

Congratulations to The Carters!



Steve Harvey Faces More Backlash After He Cancels Neighborhood Awards

Steve Harvey, the talk show host and radio personality has quietly ended the highly acclaimed Neighborhood Awards, formerly known as the Hoodie Awards, after more than 16 years. The Neighborhood Awards recognized local businesses, community leaders, teachers, churches and local entrepreneurs.

Harvey’s reason for cancelling the Neighborhood Awards, despite major community interest and its previous success, is reportedly due to a break from former manager Rushion McDonald, who owns the show and concept. After Harvey parted with his manager more than a year ago, he decided to stop supporting the event.

Harvey has recently faced major criticism for meeting with President DonaldTrump at Trump Tower on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Harvey has stated that he ‘didn’t expect’ the serious backlash he received from the Black community.

Harvey said, ’On a personal note, a lot of y’all hurt me,’ during a recent message to his radio audience, phoning in from his tropical vacation on January 16, the day of the meeting. ‘You really did. I didn’t expect the backlash to be so fierce.’

Harvey has maintained that he met with Trump in an effort to ‘get some things started’ and make ‘a plan for the inner cities’.

Harvey, a known comic, has been trying to position himself as a motivational speaker and community activist, so he doesn’t understand why people don’t think he was worthy of being an ambassador for his culture,’ the DailyMail.com source said.

Harvey has spent the last week vacationing with his family on a private island in the Caribbean and is focused on a new venture called Sand & Soul Festival, which will debut in October in Nassau, Bahamas at Atlantis Paradise Resort.

Members of Harvey’s team hope that the fallout from the Trump meeting, and the cancellation of Neighborhood Awards – as well as reports that Atlantis Paradise Resort is being sued for an outbreak of bed bugs – won’t deter fans.

Harvey’s radio listening audience consists of 76% of black women. He needs to seriously find a strategy to reconnect with his audience so they don’t abandon him permanently. The drastic loss of his support base could severely impact his bottom line. It’s essential to his livelihood and the survival of both his radio and television shows.

Harvey should have considered the long term ramifications of his meeting with Trump. Less than a week prior to the meeting Harvey was a staunch opponent of then President-elect Trump. His credibility is now in question. Steve looked surprised following the meeting. It was as if he didn’t expect the paparazzi to show up and for Trump to loudly express that they were old friends. Now Harvey has to deal with the back lash of his actions.

What are your thoughts? Can Steve Harvey come back from this major fall from grace?