Love, Loss, Death and Grief

Roderick Dunston’s death has opened my eyes to many truths some painful and some insightful. Quietly attending his funeral here in Maryland and observing others I realized a few things.

#1 He was loved by many. ❤️🖤❤️ He gave tirelessly after his stroke. It was so important for him to raise awareness and help others.

#2 He had a BIG heart. He loved EVERYBODY. There was not one person in the room that wasn’t touched in some way by Roderick.

#3 Compassion. That’s the one Word that rang volumes. His brother Marcus Dunston holds so many of his traits. To just be loving and compassionate to everyone.

#4 Guard your tongue. This lesson Roderick taught me over and over again. Not everything needs to be said. The truth will reveal itself.

#5 Live LIFE to the fullest until your last breath. We truly never know when our last days will be here on this Earth.

Love Freely, Receive Love Openly, Give Willingly, Be Compassionate, and Be Cautious of the words that you say to others for you can never take them back.


Simply Ebony

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Story of Survival and Healing from Rape and Domestic Violence

I survived a brutal rape by a serial rapist at 15-years-old. My rapist, told the bystanders that it was a ‘domestic issue.’ I pleaded with them to help me yet they all watched me get raped. The rape was a defining moment in my life.

I enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) at 18-years-old. While overseas in the USAF, I eloped and married. My husband eventually became abusive. I filed for divorce from him after a year of separation.

Later in life, I found myself in another abusive relationship. I fought through the disappointment when the courts failed to hold my abusive boyfriend accountable. He continuously violated the protective order and stalked me at my place of employment and my home.

Through all of the trials that I faced, my faith never wavered. I separated from the USAF with an Honorable Discharge. I founded The Next Chapter, Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit, dedicated to empowering victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I launched my second business, Success Creators to provide coaching for individuals and business development. Once I opened that door to healing and wellness, the doors opened for me to follow my passion and to help others.

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Beard Game Matters Goes Viral

Mike McMillan started the group Beard Game Matters to provide a place for men with beards to collaborate and to promote his beard care products Man Cave Essentials Formula 27.  The group immediately went viral and grew to over 471,188 members in just three weeks. Women joined at an exponential rate hoping to find their next beard Bae. McMillan has proven one thing: Ladies Love Men with Beards! ❤️❤️❤️

McMillan plans to host Beard Game Matters Meet and Greets, educational workshops, and a sexy Beard Game Matters calendar is in the works. Men with beards and women that love beards go check the group out! Happy early Christmas ladies.


Simply Ebony

Behind the Rank – Best Seller Release

Join me today from 1pm-2pm EST as I celebrate the launch of my book release! Get your copy of ‘Behind The Rank’ for only $2.99, then come back here to celebrate with me! Thank you for your support! #BehindTheRank

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Dating 101: Where to Find Hot Dates!!!

Dating 101: Where do you find hot dates? I’ve been blessed to have a healthy and active dating life. I’ve even once contributed to an Essence Magazine article on “Where to find Good Men!” 🔥 🔥🔥

What I’ve found that WORKS is being open to new and fun possibilities. Where do you meet quality dates? The truth is ANYWHERE!!!

Social Media: I’ve met men online via social media (Facebook/Black Planet/Mingle City/Message Boards). This opens up the possibility to TRAVEL and meet men and women outside of your immediate area. As an Air Force Veteran I continuously moved to new areas. Social Media sites really helped me not only meet new men but helped me to build lifelong friendships.

Dating Sites: Online dating sites (Black People Meet/Tinder/POF/ are great pathways to engaging and meeting new prospects. Try changing your profile when you prepare for travel and meet local men and women no matter where you are around the globe. The beauty of the internet is that you are not limited to your geographical region. You can date and connect with potential lovers throughout the world. Your possibilities are limitless.

Non-profit/Civic Associations: If you value SERVICE you can meet high-quality and civically engaged partners while SERVING!

• Political organizations (Young Democrats/Local Political Clubs)
• Non-profit Orgs (United Way/Greater Washington Urban League Young Professionals Network/National Society of Black Engineers/National Association of Black Journalists)
• Volunteering (Career Days at Local Schools/Partners in Education/Mentoring, Serving Food to the Homeless and Habitat for Humanity.)

Church/Religious Organizations: If you desire a partner that serves God or a higher power it may be beneficial to focus your energy on going to church or religious events. Singles Ministries and Bible Study or other activities open the pathway to serve God but also connect with someone who holds the same beliefs.

On the Job: Work is the least likely place that I would look for a partner but it’s inevitable. You can peacefully date a coworker or someone that works at your job but use discretion. Impromptu lunch dates or coffee breaks can be fun!

Everyday Life: Keep your ears and eyes open as you go through life. Your husband or wife may be at the grocery story. I hear Wegman’s is a great place to explore. You might encounter your love at a Happy Hour or while out on the town to see a play. The key is “Be ready and keep your heart and mind open.”


Simply Ebony ❤❤️❤