White Woman, Teresa Klein, Called Police on Black Child She Falsely Accused of Groping

Who will hear our voices? This weekend a white woman, Teresa Klein, called the police on a black child she falsely accused of groping her in the store. She caused a dramatic scene, falsely identified herself as a police officer and then called the cops on the boy as he cried hysterically.

The 9-year-old boy with his mother and little sister walked past the women headed out the store when the incident occurred. The store surveillance video clearly exonerated the child and showed that his book bag accidentally touched Klein as he walked past her. The boys hands were full and he at no point was even paying attention to Klein.

This woman purposely chose to terrorize and criminalize this child. What do you think should happen to Klein for the false accusations? #CornerstoreCaroline

Watch here as the little boy bravely speaks to the press (footage is courtesy of PIX11 news): https://twitter.com/andrewramostv/status/1052024084350074882?s=21

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