My Story of Survival and Courage

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Who was this woman four years ago? This woman had just transitioned from the Air Force a world she knew all her adult life. This woman had just launched her non-profit The Next Chapter and started her new position with the government. This woman fled her apartment in the middle of the night fearful of her life. Her abusive, manipulative, and controlling ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her and he was law enforcement. The police and courts failed to protect her. She spent years in court when her abuser refused to comply with the protective order. She lived every night in fear and had to leave her job, her apartment, and the life she knew to escape her ex-boyfriend who was not only abusive but a stalker. This woman was unemployed for four months trying to figure it all out. This woman never lost faith. This woman was in transition on the path to rebuilding her life. She found strength in her Sisters of Queen Esther at @fbcglenarden First Baptist Church of Glenarden. She joined @bosseduporg Bossed Up Courage Community! This woman found a community of Sisters with @emiliearies Bossed Up! This women kept a smile. She wasn’t deterred. She fought her way through her circumstances. She wasn’t a victim nor did she ever once ask for a hand out. She picked herself up. She leaned on her support system. She entered the Next Chapter of her life like a Boss! This woman is a survivor. This woman is ME.

#WINsDay Celebrating 18 Years of Government Service

This month I celebrate over 18 years serving in the Government of the United States of America! 🇺🇸 My first 14 was Enlisted in the United States Air Force and the past 4 was serving as a government civilian. In these four years I’ve achieved tremendous goals.

My proudest moment was serving on the team that successfully implemented Project SOAR a Pilot Program that provided approximately $2 million of Grant funding to public housing authorities (PHAs) to deploy education navigators that provide individualized assistance to youth and their families in FAFSA completion, financial literacy and college readiness, postsecondary program applications and post-acceptance assistance. Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles were amongst the cities that received funding.

I received recognition for my work and was awarded the Innovator of the Year by the Next Generation (NEXTGen) of Government: NEXTGen Award Winners. I currently serve on the board that plans the NEXTGen Training Conference for future government leaders. I also serve as a senior mentor for both NEXTGen and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Cyber Professionals.

My agency paid for me to earn my certificate as an Associate Certified Coach for the International Coach Federation and my Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

This was all in four years time. Imagine the possibilities in the next four years! I’m excited to see where this journey will lead me. I share my experience to inspire others and to show you that anything is possible. You can choose to just go to work and clock in and out or you can choose to make a difference. Your choice!!! Choose to be GREAT!!!

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Financial Peace University

Before I got to the point of financial peace by attending the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University, I had mounting debt and was irresponsible with spending and planning. I left the military in 2012, worked in the private industry, doubled my salary, went through unemployment following the furlough fiasco and was still able to successfully pay off all debt, save thousands, and purchase a home!

I paid down my debt using the snow ball method. Paid the lowest off first and used the extra money once paid off towards the next lowest debt. I cut up all of my credit cards and used only cash or my debit card.

My credit score increased dramatically. I was approved for a mortgage and purchased my home in a little over 3-weeks! I prepared a year in advance by attending a HUD Approved first time homebuyers course. Plus carefully monitored my credit.

I landed a job through hard work applying daily for positions, but consider this…I was unemployed for 4-months! In the interim I served as a political consultant and I established a non-profit The Next Chapter, which cost several thousand dollars out of my own pocket to incorporate. Never once did I worry about bills because I had savings, a budget, and a plan.

My quality of life did not suffer. I gained financial peace in less than two years! Discipline+Purposeful Planning+Goals

=Financial Peace.

Check out the classes or get info here:

Every Dollar Budgeting Tool

Dave Ramsey Store (Books, Classes, Financial Tools)

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