Mastering Civility in the Workplace

Moment of truth. My Civility in the workplace and in my personal relationships needs improvement. Based on feedback from my peers and management, I decided to take action to correct this gap. Today at WORK (yes I have a 9-5 lol), I’m taking a course on “Mastering Civility in the Workplace,” by Dr. Christine Porath. The Treasury Executive Institute offers great training AND Coaching for mid to senior government leaders in grades GS-14, GS-15, and the Senior Executive Service (SES). Just because we make the grade doesn’t mean we stop learning. My challenge to myself is to improve my Civility score over the next few months and work more on respecting others, being attentive, respecting people’s time, being inclusive, and giving more. There’s a lot of work to do!

If you want to find out your Civility score visit here:

Tips I was provided to improve:

• Use less Email and more Face-to-Face.

• Openly acknowledge the contributions of others.

• Respect others time and don’t keep people waiting unnecessarily.

• Stop talking down to others.

• Accept responsibility when I make mistakes.

• Stop spreading rumors and/or contributing to gossip.

• Avoid belittling others non-verbally.

• Stop shutting people out of my network.

• Pay more attention to others’ interest and opinions.

• Be a good listener.

• Stop insulting others.

• Show up on time to meetings.

• Don’t speak unkindly of others.

• Don’t interrupt others.

• Appreciate others’ efforts.

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