How to find money, land internships, and attend school debt free! 

To those that owe Sallie Mae, those of you seeking higher education, those seeking to get their foot in the door or a career change, or those with children this information is for you! How to find money, land internships, and attend school debt free!
Already in debt? Accumulated a rack of student loans? Here are some options:


Public Service Loan Forgiveness:

Teacher Loan Forgiveness:

Military Student Loan Forgiveness Programs:

Research Federal Government Employee College Loan Repayment Programs and Private Companies…

Just graduated college now what? Here are some options to get your career started!

Presidential Management Fellows Program for Graduate Students/Graduates:
College career advisor and career center for help with writing a resume, employment opportunities, and alumni career support.
LinkedIn – Create a complete professional profile and join LinkedIn groups related to your desired career. This is a recruitment tool used by many companies! Also a great way to network.

Military Enlisted and Officer Programs – Contact your local military recruiter for info on loan repayment options and available jobs opportunities.

Use your network! Friends, family, classmates, local meetup groups, associates, and organizations are great resources!
Check out for jobs and to research salaries (Google search is good for researching salaries and job opportunities too!):
For private industry jobs: Go directly to the company site and research two things: Job Opportunities and the Hiring Officials.

You will use the hiring officials names to personally address your cover letters. Plus it is good to call an follow up on the status after submitting your application.
For Federal Positions post graduation and Internships for high school and college students (search for the term “Pathways”) visit:


Money, Money, Money for School!
Complete the FAFSA application and talk with the college finance department. You or your child may be eligible for grants, or loans (if needed).


Download and/or visit the one stop shop created by the Million Dollar Scholar Kid for Scholarships!


Scholly: Scholarship Search by Scholly, LLC
Create a donor list and call/write/email each person (this list can include family, friends, pastor, old teachers, church family, hair clients, former coworkers, any affiliated sororities or organizations, etc.)


Contact your elected officials for scholarship opportunities (Governor, Senator, House Delegates, etc. Call the office and ask specifically for scholarships)


Check with your church to see if they are offering scholarships; ask local organizations about scholarship opportunities like fraternities/sororities/Urban League/NAACP/BIG/etc.


If your or your child are a STEM major look up the STOKES Scholarship which offers 100% tuition, an internship, and guaranteed employment for minority students:


Visit School Soup


Need dorm room supplies:


Plan a Trunk Party/Farewell Event…register at local stores like Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get the needed items for your apartment or dorm.


To prepare for your career and get paid: Seek internships, volunteer and paid gigs that give you the experience desired. Your college career advisor and network is a great resource to find volunteer opportunities, internships, and jobs.

Land Your Dream Career!

Frequently I am asked about scholarships, internships and pathways to entering into the Federal Government or the private industry. Here is information that I compiled that may be useful for you, your children, or graduates/transitioning adults.

Tips for Transitioning Adults and Students:

Step 1: Conduct a job search to research and determine eligible positions. Carefully review the requirements and ensure that your skills, education, and professional experience meet the requirements. Recommended sites:
· Indeed (
· USAJobs (
· Career One Stop (
· Intelligence Careers (

Step 2: Develop Training/Education Plan:
· (Students) Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor at your university to discuss a degree plan that is aligned with your desired career.
· (Transitioning Adults) Search for professional certification programs, academic programs at both major universities and community colleges, look for training opportunities within your organization and free online/in class training options.
· (All) Look for professional certification grants, college scholarships, and training opportunities. Career One Stop is a great resource: (

Step 3: (Students) Find money for college
· Submit your FAFSA Application:
· Use the Scholly App to easily search for scholarships:
· Scholarships for Students Interested in Intelligence Careers (Variety of Professions Cyber/IT, HR, Criminal Justice, Linguists, STEM, Business Management/Acquisition, etc.):

Step 4: Apply for Internship/Fellowship
· Students and Recent Graduates:
· Presidential Management Fellows Program (For Advanced Degree Graduates e.g., master’s, Ph.D., J.D.):

Step 5: Network!
· Create a LinkedIn profile. Join industry groups and connect with professionals from your desired industry on LinkedIn.
· Contact your career advisor for help seeking internships/jobs.
· Connect with professors, members from your college alumni association, friends, family, mentors, colleagues, fellow members of professional organizations, fraternities, sororities, religious organizations, and volunteer organizations for references or leads for jobs.
· Attend Job Fairs and talk with recruiters to gain insight on desired skills and tips for landing the job! Do a search online for job fairs or contact your career advisor.
o Hiring Our Heroes:
o National Career Fairs:
o Intelligence Careers:

· Join professional organizations to network and gain industry inside knowledge. Examples of organizations include:
o National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA):
o Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA):
o Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA):
o National Security Executives and Professionals:
o Federally Employed Women:
o Blacks in Government:

SCHEDULED CAREER FAIRS & OPEN HOUSES (East Coast – Maine to Florida)

Visit Career Fairs East Coast ( for a current list of career fairs and open houses! The listings include general career fairs, career fairs for those with security clearances, and websites that store resumes for jobseekers. Special notes: Check with both the sponsor and the hosting facility for listed Career Fairs and Open Houses before leaving home. Pre-registration or early registration can often make for easier access. Many Career Fair providers now require that you pre-register and do not accept resumes onsite. Some require early registration if not holding Military ID. When attending Career, Fairs be sure to bring more resumes than you plan to distribute. When attending, an Open House be sure to bring a half-dozen copies of your resume. Also, note the resources listed at the end of this career fair listing. These resources are categorized by type of search. Please feel free to forward this listing to others you feel can benefit from the information and ability to plan. To receive your own copy of the listing please request such at: Next distribution scheduled for July 2, 2017. Find the Career Fairs and Open Houses here: