Karlief Moye Kills Three Co-Workers at the Blue Sunday Bar and Grill in Bowie, MD

On Sunday morning, at approximately 2:15 a.m., Karlief Moye, allegedly went on a rampage and killed three of his coworkers at the ‘Blue Sunday Bar and Grill’ in the Hilltop North Shopping Center of Bowie, Maryland, along Race Track Road. Moye later attempted to kill himself and is currently hospitalized. The victims of the triple homicide are 46-year-old Sherwood Morgan of Lake Arbor Way in Mitchellville, 27-year-old Jin Chen of Dove Circle in Laurel and 28-year-old Xue Zou of Doves Fly Way in Laurel.

What is truly perplexing-still with the smoking gun in his hand-those familiar with Moye are saying, “he would never do anything like this,” well he did. Why is it necessary to excuse violent behavior? Just because you know a person and you saw a certain side to them, it does not equate to their innocence or determine that they are incapable of violent acts. Violence occurs. Anger does not have a face or a type. Three people have been killed. Why is there a need to pacify violent behavior by saying “he’s a nice guy?” Why is the first thought not: “Three people lost their lives and the murderer should be held accountable?”

How do you respond if a violent workplace incident occurs? Do you know the steps to protect yourself? This incident should have us all alarmed. Realistically a tragedy like this can happen anywhere. You just never know who will snap at any given time. Be careful out there and stay vigilant.

These situations are tragic. May all of the victims Rest In Peace. Praying for the families, friends and coworkers.

For more on this story visit: http://pgpolice.blogspot.com/2017/01/suspect-in-double-homicide-injured-by.html?m=1

One thought on “Karlief Moye Kills Three Co-Workers at the Blue Sunday Bar and Grill in Bowie, MD

  1. Perhaps you can show some compassion and understanding for the people who grieve for their friend. When we say he wouldn’t do this it is not because we are in denial about what happened…but it is because we have known and loved him and cannot understand or comprehend what happened to him. You’re acting as if we can’t have compassion for the victims AND our friend. WELL WE CAN AND WE DO. We mourn our friend also…because as much as his physical body is still alive…we know and understand that he must’ve been in real darkness to have done what he did. We mourn our friend because we can see all that lies ahead for him. We mourn our friend because he is our friend and we love him…and WE WILL NOT AND DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. We ALSO mourn the loss of the victims…we feel horrible for their families and the grief that they are suffering. We PRAY for them. We Send our deepest condolences. WE DO NOT excuse what he did. We DO NOT condone what he did…but we also don’t stop loving him because of what he did. We know that he could not have been in his right mind to have done this…why? BECAUSE WE HAVE TALKED TO HIM WHEN HE WAS IN HIS RIGHT MIND. We have laughed with him, cried with him, shared with him…we have a lifetime of moments and memories with him that do not get erased because of ONE MOMENT – as horrific as that moment is – when he made a bad decision, a mistake, an act that he cannot take back or erase. We mourn him because him shooting himself shows that he is desperate, depressed, suicidal and in a horrible place….perhaps because of his guilt and desire to escape justice OR PERHAPS BECAUSE HE CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT HE HAS DONE. Perhaps it is because of his remorse. YOU don’t know him…yet you think you should judge him and all of us….well save your judgments and save your words. No one said he should not be held accountable…and no one is excusing his behavior. We accept it. But that doesn’t mean we’re robots and that we shouldn’t care what happens to him…if we don’t care what happens to him…then we shouldn’t call ourselves his FRIEND.


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